WELCOME TO ATESSA Anti-Tamper Security
in Artificial Intelligence

Anti-Tamper Electronic System Security Architecture

Atessa is forging new paths in system security architecture research. Leveraging our
significant experience in Anti-Tamper innovation, we are focusing on enabling secure
autonomous machine-to-machine AI collaboration.

Anti-Tamper in an AI World

In the not so distant future, maintaining superiority will require critical systems to
extend far beyond sensor fusion and into real-time learned adaptation within a theater of operation. This requires secure system-of-systems architecture to dynamically learn from and collaborate with each other on-demand, all while self-modifying as needed.

Secure AI Collaboration

Our new research area centers on addressing the threat space of two or more independently designed AI-based system-of-systems and how they can autonomously collaborate to create new machine behaviors. How can we robustly defend AI machines from AI-based attacks using a new generation of dynamically learning Anti-Tamper countermeasures?

A New Kind of Attack, A New Kind of Response

Attacks on AI machines are increasingly learning to exploit the autonomous collaborative capability of the systems. Therefore, Anti-Tamper security must evolve to both detect and learn to counter adapt on-demand to meet the challenges of an AI-managed world.

Custom Collaborative Secure AI Technology and Services


  • Luminati – electronic system design automation software and hardware for large-scale AI architectures
  • Anti-Tamper hardware and software IP licensing for AI solutions


  • AI vulnerability analysis and assessment
  • Hardware and software AI architecture
  • EDA and AI design consulting


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