Anti-Tamper Resources

What Is Anti-Tamper?

As described by the U.S. Department of Defense Anti-Tamper Executive Agent (ATEA), Anti-Tamper or “AT” means the “systems engineering activities intended to prevent and/or delay exploitation of critical technologies in U.S. weapons systems.” The purpose of integrating AT technology is to deter the reverse engineering of these military systems to prevent information transfer, the alteration of system capabilities and the development of countermeasures.

Proactive Defense

With growing global commitments, technology used by U.S. military branches must maintain efficiencies in remote and often challenged environments, where unauthorized sales, field losses, infiltration, and theft are significant threats. Incorporating AT technology will add long-term viability to the system and ensure the competitiveness of our military efforts by expanding and extending the operational life of U.S. and coalition warfighting capabilities.

Beyond the Military

Though the ATEA focuses on weapons-based functionality and protection, AT technology is essential across a spectrum of platforms, including communications and networking devices, financial databases, Internet-based technologies, critical infrastructure control systems, and automated systems from self-driving cars to smart grids. Ensuring that critical information is secure is vital to the efficacy of the platform and the its users.