Licensing FAQ

What do you mean by the word “license”?

We provide perpetual licenses for our anti-tamper IP. An individual license is limited to the following: (1) a specific line-replaceable unit (LRU), production line number or other relevant model; (2) an authorized U.S. government contract, an authorized foreign military sale (FMS) contract, or approved commercial contract; and (3) the program protection plan (PPP) or specific security design plan related to that system. The license is governed by the intersection of all three items.

If there are multiple designers on one program, do we have to purchase a license for each designer?

No. Licenses are granted based on the specific security needs of the purchasing organization, program, or effort and its system’s requirements.

How does IP from Atessa “work”?

IP from Atessa is a set of compiled code that implements a user function or a system security function. Our IP kits include hundreds of anti-tamper countermeasures and other security management functions designed to meet your system’s needs.

What tools are needed to implement IP from Atessa?

IP cores from Atessa are delivered in a format appropriate for the targeted FPGA or ASIC tool flow. Deliverables may include mapped gates (non-source Verilog), synthesis or placement partitions for a specific tool flow, synthesis scripts, configuration files, application documentation, software source code, or object code. Atessa also licenses a proprietary and Trusted tool set called Luminati® Security Manager that allows you to configure, model, and analyze the operation of your system. This tool is recommended for the integration of our AT IP solutions.

How are Luminati Software Tools licensed?

Atessa offers node-locked licenses for our proprietary and Trusted tool sets, including Luminati® Security Manager, Luminati Make Software, and Luminati Secure Locker Software. These software solutions are offered in annual or perpetual licences. Luminati Security Manager and its related software elements are provided to customers on workstations comprising (1) commercially-available desktop computer and (2) commercially-available 4K monitors. The Secure Locker Software is delivered in a secure, portable package for use on the manufacturing floor or in the field for maintenance.

Are we required to purchase a license to Luminati if we purchase IP from Atessa?

IP from Atessa can be configured using a standard HDL development environment. However, we do recommend Luminati Security Manager as it provides significant visibility into your system design and allows you to efficiently configure your system’s security needs. Luminati Make Software allows you to configure and lock your pre-determined security settings. This process may be completed by your team or by Atessa.

Are services and training offered by Atessa?

Yes. Atessa offers an extensive array of architectural analysis, implementation, integration, training, and support services. These services are pre-negotiated at a firm-fixed price at standard commercial rates.