Research and Development

To keep your information from getting into the wrong hands, we invest in developing new types of system attacks. By knowing how to attack systems, we can develop the most state-of-the-art countermeasures available. And, this keeps us at the forefront of protecting your system.

Reverse Engineering

  • Advancing information extraction using new types of Trojans
  • Expanding the role of mutual information to attack remote applications
  • Extracting PUF results using combinations of attacks, including effective logic cloning of PUFs

Trusted Tools

  • Trusted design IP automation
  • Automated Trojan Detection (ATD), including cataloging Trojans
  • SPA, DPA – side channel analysis in a virtual world
  • Mutual Information Attack (MIA) analysis
  • Multi-language Trusted system development environment

Embedded Cybersecurity

  • New threat response and anti-tamper impacts on cybersecurity
  • Security for the cyber environment within the global context
  • Embedded fabric risks – on and off chip

Advanced Anti-Tamper IP

  • Secure processor security advancements, including side channel residuals
  • Intel-based processor security
  • Secure memory and memory controllers
  • Secure interface units, including firewall architecture for FIB environments
  • Advanced PUF design and automatic characterization

Your system security matters to us. Let’s discuss how we can help.